There are few events more disruptive for a lawyer than learning he or she is the subject of a disciplinary investigation by The Florida Bar, what some lawyers simply refer to as a bar complaint or grievance. Most disciplinary investigations commence at the Bar’s central intake center in Tallahassee known as the Attorney Consumer Assistance Program (“ACAP”). Investigations into more serious charges of attorney misconduct can also originate in any one of the Bar’s regional offices. Lanse represents lawyers in all stages of the disciplinary process from ACAP investigations through review “or appeal” proceedings before the Florida Supreme Court. Lanse also consults with lawyers on a range of issues relating to their professional responsibilities under the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar. He is available to:

  • Consult with you on ethical matters.
  • Respond to initial inquiries from The Florida Bar.
  • Respond to formal complaints after probable cause determinations.
  • Represent you before grievance committees and in proceedings before referees.
  • Represent you in proceedings before the Florida Bar Board of Governors.
  • Represent you in review proceedings before the Florida Supreme Court.
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Lawyers should not presume that because they are well-versed in legal matters, they are equally capable of defending themselves against charges of misconduct. Properly responding to a bar investigation entails not only accurately constructing a timeline of past events, but more importantly, presenting yourself in a way that will mitigate any potential discipline.

Lanse is a past member of the Florida Bar Board of Governors. Under the auspices of the Florida Supreme Court, the Board of Governors oversees the prosecution and appeals of disciplinary cases at all stages of the disciplinary process. While on the Board of Governors, Lanse served on the Disciplinary Review Committee and as Vice Chair of the Board Review Committee on Professional Ethics. Since 1994, Lanse has also served as a Special Prosecutor for the Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission. Thus, he has a very broad understanding of the nuances of the disciplinary process as it relates to both lawyers and judges. It is this breadth of knowledge that uniquely qualifies him to represent lawyers navigating through the grievance process.


    Lanse Scriven

    Not all attorneys have the objectivity or experience to effectively defend themselves against misconduct charges. Drawing from his vast knowledge of the disciplinary process, Lanse can help you effectively navigate through the disciplinary system.